11 Adorable K-Pop Male Idols In Heart-Melting School Uniforms



Sometimes, you just want to stare at some absolutely adorable boy idols and have your heart melt. There’s nothing wrong with that! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So we put together a list of some of the cutest idols in school uniforms for all our readers!!

Check out our list titled, “11 Adorable K-Pop Male Idols In Heart-Melting School Uniforms”

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anonymous: what r ur top 5 krisoo moments? or memorable ones?

Thank you for the question anon!

It took me down memory lane and though short-lived, I knew I chose the right OTP legitweepingrightnowwhyareyoudoingthistome ;-; joking,I love you^_^

I feel that this post is meaningless without a personal explanation, so here goes my top 5 krisoo moments +1 ^_^

  1. When Kyungsoo cares for Yifan in ways that go beyond being work colleagues
  2. when we see Kyungsoo allowing himself to depend on and cuddle up to a hyung. and as always, the best Krisoo moments almost always happens backstage, in private.
  3. how gentle Kyungsoo handles Yifan. i’ve always felt this moment could have been something else, like the usual pat or nudge we give to our friends when we urgently need their attention. in this case, Kyungsoo literally strokes Yifan to alert him that they were going to be on air. 
  4. watch the fancam of this performance and watch how Kyungsoo refuses to take his eyes off Yifan, clap along or cheer while he was singing. it’s fucking romantic. And that proud smile at the end… i just can’t.
  5. one of the instances we see Kyungsoo both blatantly admiring and desiring Yifan. and who doesn’t love some Kyungsoo-lip action especially when it’s directed at Yifan? /shot
  6. Kyungsoo being stupidly mesmerized by Yifan and the most embarrassing dance on the planet. And SooLips strikes again ;) There’s no other way to conclude this but Kyungsoo wants Yifan’s dougie… bad.