Raindrops are blown into flowers by wind.
Flowing time cannot catch up with the galloping white horse.
Silly words written on your palms.
Do you still hold them tightly?
Clouds rolling up and down in summer;
tears are evaporated by flowing time.
All of us along the way,
anyone got lost?

We promised not to leave each other,
must always be together,
even though we had to fight against time,
even though the whole world turned its back to us.
Snowflakes are blown into shining pieces by wind.
Our hairs are whitened.
We said that we would venture into the world together.

Do you still remember it?
In that summer,
We made an infinitely large wish.
Hand in hand we may form a boat,
carrying us across the river of sadness.
You said that you would not part with me,
and that we would be together forever.

Now I want to ask you.
Was it just a kid’s babble?
I did not have the heart to cheat you in our green days.
Neither did I betray you at our young & stupid ages.

Oh, the heavy snow, please do not erase
 the traces of our past.
Oh, the heavy snow must not be able to erase
the memory we left to each other.

What date is today?
Green grasses are thick.
The bright moon accompanies you a thousand miles away.