anonymous: what r ur top 5 krisoo moments? or memorable ones?

Thank you for the question anon!

It took me down memory lane and though short-lived, I knew I chose the right OTP legitweepingrightnowwhyareyoudoingthistome ;-; joking,I love you^_^

I feel that this post is meaningless without a personal explanation, so here goes my top 5 krisoo moments +1 ^_^

  1. When Kyungsoo cares for Yifan in ways that go beyond being work colleagues
  2. when we see Kyungsoo allowing himself to depend on and cuddle up to a hyung. and as always, the best Krisoo moments almost always happens backstage, in private.
  3. how gentle Kyungsoo handles Yifan. i’ve always felt this moment could have been something else, like the usual pat or nudge we give to our friends when we urgently need their attention. in this case, Kyungsoo literally strokes Yifan to alert him that they were going to be on air. 
  4. watch the fancam of this performance and watch how Kyungsoo refuses to take his eyes off Yifan, clap along or cheer while he was singing. it’s fucking romantic. And that proud smile at the end… i just can’t.
  5. one of the instances we see Kyungsoo both blatantly admiring and desiring Yifan. and who doesn’t love some Kyungsoo-lip action especially when it’s directed at Yifan? /shot
  6. Kyungsoo being stupidly mesmerized by Yifan and the most embarrassing dance on the planet. And SooLips strikes again ;) There’s no other way to conclude this but Kyungsoo wants Yifan’s dougie… bad.


Meipai’s update! WYF and SOWK’s casts



List of the Chinese Entertainment Circle’s Top Ten Men Wearing Suits ©


Birth Date: November 6, 1990

Height: 187 cm

Wu Yi Fan has a height of 187 cm, dreamy, long legs, and the face of the male lead in a manga. These favorable qualities have determined his male god status. With such good qualifications, he naturally does not look bad in a suit - specifically a black suit paired with a white shirt and a simple tie. Clean and sharp, it is no doubt that the qualities of a male god naturally show through.

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131213 From.KRIS

Hello everyone!

Though it’s a late letter, the love and gratefulness in it is plentiful.

To us, this year has not been an ordinary year, Fanqin had been through hard and dark times, and also experienced the year’s little ups and downs with me, and witnessed my growth as well as their own, accompanying me to attain such glory and high status achievements that i could never have dreamt of.

Although the road before us is still really long, i have to say that i am already very content!

To have every one of you being by my side, i have experienced calm, felt strength and endless possibility and hope.

My beloved every one of you, thank you!!
I believe that it will not only be last year or this year but it will also be every coming year on this day that will be unforgettable to me! What you all have done for me, your endless support and faith is the driving force that allows me to carry on.

Actually, life doesn’t have to be smooth sailing, because a life of hardship will allow you to grow stronger. Then, i will continue to use the limited time and ability i have to bring you all the best happiness and joy that i can give. Thank you.

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